On-Demand Webinar

The Ramifications of a Political Patent System

Join Gene Quinn Founder of IP Watchdog, Retired Judge Paul R. Michel, and Senior Licensing Executive Richard Baker, as they discuss the implications on the patent brokerage and licensing business as a result of SCOTUS decisions, as well as actions from the PTAB and CAFC. We will discuss the reality in the industry and how it has changed over the past several years as SCOTUS has gotten more deeply involved with patent eligibility and the PTAB has added a significant extra hurdle for patent owners. We will also discuss what we are seeing in the Courts and “inside the beltway” with respect to legislative initiatives ostensibly aimed at "solving" problems and the reason the CAFC was created in the first place and the harmony that was brought to patent law in the Courts early years. Other topics include:

  • Is the Supreme Court too political, acting as a Super Legislature?
  • Consequences for a Patent Office without a confirmed Director.
  • What are patent portfolios really worth during this time of uncertainty?

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