IP Due Diligence

This service provides a comprehensive, quick analysis of portfolios for sale. It will provide an overview of portfolio strengths and weaknesses, chain-of-title issues, gaps that could be filled with the patent set, buyers that would find the portfolio of value, and risk associated with the patents. The IP Due Diligence report is delivered based on data in Innography with a detailed spreadsheet, a consulting call via phone, and will help your team make an efficient go/no go decision when offered a portfolio to buy.

What's Included?

  • Written Report
    • Executive Summary
    • Methodology
    • Analysis
    • Portfolio Strength 
    • Portfolio Composition
    • Litigation Risk
    • Chain-of-Title Analysis
    • Other Interested Parties (Forward Citations)
    • Appendix/Spreadsheets
  • Conference Call: Report Findings

Download a Sample Report!