License Candidate Identification

Everyone is under pressure to drive revenue, and licensing technology is an excellent way to improve the bottom line. This offering will provide a jump-start to help you identify potential patents to license, and a listing of possible candidates based on who has been acquiring similar technologies. The report is delivered along with detailed spreadsheets and a description of the methodology and Innography tools used. This is a cost-effective and efficient way to start monetizing your patent portfolio safely.

What's Included?

  • Scoping Call
  • Written Report
    • Executive Summary
    • Methodology
    • Analysis
    • Portfolio Strength v. Industry Benchmark
    • Remaining Lifetime of Portfolio
    • Count of Documents by Type (Applications/Issued), and Status (Active,Expired)
    • Embodied Technologies
    • Litigation Risk
    • Chain-of-Title Analysis
    • Other Interested Parties (Forward Citations)
    • Appendix/Spreadsheets
  • Conference Call: Report Findings

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