IP Leadership Series

In 4 webinar sessions (or less), sharpen your skills, gain a professional advantage, and drive business results.

Hosted by Innography's Director of Solutions Architecture, Emma Roubstov, and featuring some of the industry's leading IP experts, this IP Professionals Webinar Series is designed to deliver transformative tactics and open up unlimited possibilities.

Topics include:


Session Overview

Calendar.png Wednesday, May 31 | time.png 11:00 AM CT

How to Win Over Colleagues and Influence the Non-Believers

IP is valuable. Billions are spent every year on litigation, prosecution, and patent acquisitions, yet there are many people within an organization who don’t understand the full scope of what can be gained or lost. As such, many companies struggle to define and evolve their IP processes. This session will show you how YOU can be—and influence—the change you want to see within the organization.

Key Takeaways:

  • Forge synergistic, win-win relationship
  • Once you have determined exactly what is within your own IP portfolio, make sense of the climate of the competition
  • Discover as much as you can to inform key stakeholders to make their business decisions
  • Communicate regularly and keep the lines of communication open

Calendar.png Wednesday, June 7 | time.png 10:00 AM CT

Transformative Principles to Engage and Impact Stakeholders

Good news: there are proven techniques to share information with your stakeholders in an impactful way. This session will introduce you to a few favorites, so that you can share the right IP information — in the right way — with your executives, as well as your internal and external clients.

Key Takeaways:

  • Create dynamic dashboards to communicate IP value
  • Empower colleagues to dive further into your data sets
  • Advanced Analysis and Excel, a powerful combination

Calendar.png Wednesday, June 21 | time.png 11:00 AM CT

How to Be a Strategic Partner to Your Business & The Role You Play

Research shows that many businesses don't know how to use IP to inform business decisions. Attend this session, and your company won’t be one of them. Discover how you can play a key role in structuring, organizing, and building a high-performing IP organization, and strengthen your position at the company while you’re at it. This session offers five proven techniques to becoming one of your company’s most valuable players.

Key Takeaways:

  • Defend position: minimize risks, protect IP, avoid litigation, and maximize opportunities
  • Product planning: capture emerging markets and trends
  • Technology development: provide guidance on R&D investments
  • Competitive intelligence: learn about other players within yours and emerging markets
  • M&A intelligence: confidently invest in the best opportunities

Calendar.png Wednesday, June 28 | time.png 11:00 AM CT

5 Things that Seem Impossible for Changing Your IP Organization

Intellectual property is a strategic asset for an organization, which when leveraged effectively, can provide a lasting advantage. At each stage in your organization’s journey, intellectual property challenges evolve, causing the need to shift your intellectual property management strategy, too. This session offers five strategies to overcome what seems impossible and change your IP organization.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learning how to enable inventors to share ideas early
  • Finding tools to support your initiatives
  • Effective communication across the IP ecosystem
  • Overcoming difficulties in explaining ROI to executives
  • Strategies to scaling organization and/or process

Esteemed Host/Moderator and Guest Experts

Emma Roubstov — Series Host & Moderator

Director, Solutions Architecture, Innography

Emma Roubtsov joined Innography in 2010 as a Client Success Manager, focusing on training and implementation of the proprietary software suite. She has conducted innumerable training and collaborative project work sessions with some of the world’s global brands across the US, UK, Europe and India. As the Director of Solutions Architecture, Emma continues to work with Innography power users, providing technical solutions via web-based product demonstrations. Prior to joining Innography, Emma spent several years as a management consultant working with Fortune 1000 companies assisting and developing their employees. Prior to this she was a National Sales Manager for one of the Inc 500’s fastest growing companies based in Austin, Texas. British by birth, a polyglot by nature. Emma obtained her BA Hons I from the University of Wales in Russian and German and a Linguistics Masters Diploma for the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

Eric Gottschling

Eric Gottschling — Expert Guest

Program Manager, Delphi

Eric Gottschling has worked in the automotive industry for more than 25 years. He received a bachelors degree in Materials Science & Engineering from The University of Michigan, masters’ degrees in Engineering and Management from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and recently achieved US Patent Agency certification. He has significant experience in safety, reception systems, and electrification products, and held a variety of assignments in engineering, finance, program management, and engineering management. He is currently a licensing manager for Delphi Technologies Inc.
Chris headshot.jpg

Paul Rodriguez — Expert Guest

VP, Chief Intellectual Property Counsel and Chief International Counsel, RR Donnelley

As VP and Chief IP Counsel at RR Donnelley, Paul is responsible for the strategic management of a worldwide intellectual property portfolio for a leading global provider of integrated communications. With annual sales in excess of $7 billion, RR Donnelley relies on Paul to manage its patent and trademark portfolios, including worldwide prosecution, maintenance and enforcement activities, as well as an international team of attorneys across four regions and 34 countries.

Paul also serves as an adjunct professor at the Northwestern University School of Law, where he teaches courses on strategies for identifying, protecting and managing IP to provide a company with a sustainable competitive advantage. He lives in the greater Chicago area. 

Chris headshot.jpg

Chris Huffines — Expert Guest

Sr. Client Success Consultant, Innography

Chris Huffines is a patent and innovation specialist with experience in patent search and analytics, invention on demand, and law. He is currently focusing on client success, complex client proofs-of-concept, and developing educational content. Chris has led a team of professional inventors creating invention on demand and invention disclosures in a variety of technology areas, and is a named inventor on 2 granted patents and 11 published applications. Before that, he was a practicing attorney focusing on intellectual property and complex litigation. He holds a B.A. from Texas A&M University and a J.D. from New York University.