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With our latest release, we’re thrilled to announce that our powerful IP intelligence solution software now includes the ability to search by chemical structures.

For most companies, protecting and patenting your hard-developed chemical innovations is everything. You need the support of a strong, modern IP system to continue to outpace the competition, protect your IP, and give your researchers the freedom to explore new areas of medical innovation and unearth the findings that will lead to the treatments and cures of tomorrow.

Led by Eastman Kodak's Materials Science IP Technology Leader, Dr. James H. Reynolds, and Innography’s Senior Director of Product Management, Carlisha Robinson, this webinar will help you understand how to efficiently uncover insights that drive valuable business decisions. We guarantee it will be 30 minutes well spent.

Topics covered will include:

  • The value of searching chemical structures across correlated IP, financial, business, and litigation data
  • Using IP intelligence software to answer business questions like:
    • “Who are emerging competitors around this compound”
    • “What are the prosecution trends for compounds that are similar to mine”
    • And, so much more...
  • The ease of being able to search for documents and conduct analysis in one tool
  • A demo of the IP intelligence platform used by industry leaders
Jim Reynolds, Ph.D.
James Reynolds, Ph.D.

Materials Science IP Technology Leader, Kodak

Dr. James H. Reynolds received a B.A. from Colby College and Ph. D. in physical-organic chemistry from Yale University. Since 1992, he has been employed at Eastman Kodak Company where he has participated in fundamental chemical research, product development for consumer and professional films, and commercialization programs for motion picture films and inkjet inks. His current assignment is with the Intellectual Property Solutions Division where he is the IP Technology Leader for Materials Science. He is an inventor on 30 US patents.  

Carlisha Robinson

Carlisha Robinson

Sr. Director of Product Management, CPA Global

Carlisha Robinson has over 25 years of experience in Computer and IT Systems Management software with IBM, BMC Software, and Innography.  Her years of experience in diverse software business areas from product incubation to customer installation and integration has resulted in leadership roles in R&D, QA, Consulting, Technical Marketing and, her favorite of all, Product Management.  Her love for distilling the needs of the customers into innovative solutions to solve their most difficult business problems, cemented her path as a visionary product manager and successful business strategist. Carlisha, now the Sr. Director of Product Management at CPA Global, interacts directly with clients on product roadmap planning, software features and products to meet and exceed their IP business needs.